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That's what Google is doing, but the more people spend time on your site, the more Google rewards you because they are in the business of giving us good search results - they show relevant websites that are being browsed around by new visitors and returning visitors. The more pages a new visitor clicks through the better for your ranking. Facebook and instagram for example are no follow which means all your content there will not be indexed by Google, but sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Youtube are follow. This is easier to achieve in certain cities where you may not be competing against many other SEO savvy companies.

No body can rank high for everything, but you can rank high for certain keywords. Some agencies like ours use some expensive tools to find out the best keywords and SEO plans companies are implementing and could help you find the right keywords for your market. Either way, even if you were to pick keywords are random on your own - stick to no more than 5 and make sure to alternate them on your posts, pages, headline titles, meta data, etc. The more you have the more you will rank for those keywords or longtails.

SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings

SEO and appearing on Google results is a constantly evolving game of chasing the cat's tail. Google keeps improving and changing their algorithm to protect themselves and stay with the times which is why is always recommended that you avoid paying to those click farm, link building services that 'guarantee' 1st page ranking in a month or two because all they do is spam the internet with fake profiles everywhere with your link included, they work for a bit but then they don't forcing you to keep paying for such service and when you stop paying it all goes away VS the way I just described above - well, that investment stays for ever building on itself.

SEO is not optional if you are planning on ever depending even a little on online sales you need to have SEO. Its like opening a business in a very busy street but thinking a sign with states your product and "open" is optional. How are people supposed to know you're there and stumble onto your products even by accident much less intentionally?

I hope I was helpful and provided you with enough good clarity to help you take the next steps in your business. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me. If you are interested in SEO services, we offer a broad range of services and can accommodate most budgets.

Answered 2 years ago. The more unique your name low competition , the easier it will be to pop up on the first google page.

1. Publish Relevant Content

Forget about your name, which is such an egocentric approach to google search; focus on owning i. If it's new, it's probably not even indexed yet. You probably already know that you should include keywords that you want a page to rank for on the page itself, but you can also make it part of the URL.

When the search engine crawls the page and confirms that the page's content is a good match to the URL, it can positively affect the page's search ranking. Conversely, if the page content is not a good match to the URL or keywords used on the page it can negatively affect the whole website's ranking in search.

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Some examples of URLs that fit these criteria for search-friendly local business web pages might be:. Use search-friendly URLs throughout your website including on web pages, landing pages and blog articles. The page title refers to the title you type in when starting a new page or post.

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This is the most important headline that will be on your page, so it's the most important place for you to use keywords that accurately describe the content of the page. It should represent keywords that real people would use when looking for a business like yours in your locale. In addition to the main title, you should also use the unique keyword or phrase chosen for the web page in at least one other subheading on the page.

This should be a subheading designated in source code H2, H3, H4, etc. You should also try to use it in text copy on the page so that it comprises about 0. On a typical web page of about words, this would mean using it times in the text. Just as with URLs, when Google's search engine crawls and indexes the page, when the title and subheadings are a good match to the rest of the content on the page, this can positively impact your page's ranking in search results.

Site visitor engagement might not sound like an SEO ranking factor, but it is. Think of this like a brick-and-mortar business in the olden days. However, if they walked into the shop and spent several minutes looking at the menu, checking out the ice cream selections, sampling a flavor or two, talking to the clerk and hopefully! Search engines use engagement factors to rate a web page's quality. Lots of site visitor engagement signals high-quality content on the page, which in turn can result in the web page moving up even higher in online search results.

Relevance is just one — but a very important — factor in terms of visitor engagement. The best web page in the world won't be engaging if it's not relevant to the site visitor. To increase site visitor engagement on a web page:. If you want to appear in relevant search results, you must match the search intent. User search intent is what information your audience hopes to find when checking out your content. People conduct searches in hopes of finding content that answers a question or provides them with knowledge. In this case, the user intent is focused on finding a recipe with step-by-step instructions.

Therefore, your page would not rank well because it does not match what the user wants to find. Instead, you could rank for the keyword by including content that matches their query. Improving user experience is a crucial part of gaining a better search engine ranking. If you want them to stay on your page, you must improve the user experience. The user experience is how your audience experiences your website. When they check out information on your page, you want them to have a good experience.

This helps you earn more conversions for your business. To improve user experience, ensure that your pages are interesting and engaging for your audience. Something as simple as adding a video or an infographic can spice up your page. These are great engagement elements that keep your audience on your page longer. As you optimize your site, ensure that you keep your pages interesting and engaging for your audience.

Users hate to wait for slow-loading pages. With the growth of the Internet, users expect to access information quickly.

5 Trusted Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

In fact, users expect pages to load in three seconds or less. If your page takes longer than three seconds to load, people will bounce from your page. One way is to reduce your image sizes. Large images can slow down your site because they take a long time to load. These are just a few simple adjustments you can make to help your site load quicker. Worried about your website's page speed keeping you from better search engine rankings?

Try Google's PageSpeed Insights tool! Creating content helps you secure a better search engine ranking.

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Your audience is constantly seeking out information. By creating content, you help provide them with the valuable information they need. Content creation comes in many forms. It includes blogs, videos, infographics, and ebooks. The purpose of this content is to provide your audience with information that is helpful and relevant to them. When you create content , you attract people through keyword selection.

If your audience is looking for information on a certain topic, they can find your content through keyword searches. Many companies believe that by writing for the search engine, they will rank better in the search results.

Understand your online customers

The opposite is true. Search engines get better each day by recognizing content that matches what users seek. Second, make sure you include a call-to-action CTA on your page. CTAs are important because they guide your audience to the next step.

6 Ways to Improve Local Small Business Web Page Search Rankings

You must tell your audience how to proceed if they like what they see. Mobile-friendliness is crucial to earning a better search engine ranking. The number of mobile searches is increasing every year. In fact, as of , Google takes mobile-friendliness into account with their ranking, too. In fact, sites that are not mobile-friendly do not rank as high as mobile-friendly sites.