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Similarly, marriage indexes include records of marriage licenses and certificates issued by the Clallam County Office. These databases are valuable resources for historians and social scientists to understand marriage patterns over time. Clallam County marriage Records can prove that a marriage is valid. A certified marriage certificate is legal proof of the marriage, and it can be used to certify that a marriage is officially recognized by the state of Washington. Valid Marriage Records are required to apply for insurance on a spouse's plan, receive spousal benefits, establish paternity in WA.

You may apply for a name change at the Clallam County Courthouse, or Clallam County Clerk Office with a valid, certified marriage certificate. You must also contact the Social Security Office and inform them of your name change in order to receive an updated social security card.

Your local Clallam County branch of the Washington Department of Motor Vehicles DMV will be able to assist in providing you with an updated driver's license, or non-driver identification.

Online Washington State Marriage Indexes by County

Genealogical research also relies on Marriage Records to trace ancestry and understand the relationship between different branches of a family tree. Many Clallam County government offices have Marriage Records that date back to the s or earlier, providing a wealth of information to understand a family's history.

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Washington vital records searches help genealogists, and family historians obtain marriage licenses and records for individuals married in Clallam County, Washington. These public records searches can establish when a couple married, the woman's maiden name, and where a couple filed for marriage.

In some cases, the Marriage Records may also list the names of the couple's parents.

Clallam County Arrest Records by City

Learn about Marriage Records, including: Where to get Clallam County Marriage Records online How to get married in Clallam County, WA How to get a certified copy of a marriage license or certificate in Washington How to legally change your last name after marriage How to get a Marriage License in Clallam County, Washington A Clallam County marriage license is a document issued by the Washington State authority that a couple must obtain to get married.

Where to get a Marriage Certificate in Clallam County After getting married, couples must submit the marriage license form to the proper Washington Office in order to receive a marriage certificate, which is legal proof of the marriage.

Clallam County Society and Family History Resources

Port Angeles. Clallam County Crime Rate Information Crime Category Violent Crimes Murder 1 1 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 0 Rape 26 27 29 32 20 21 25 0 21 27 Agg. Assault 63 66 80 70 84 86 83 77 82 76 Robbery 14 15 21 21 24 19 13 20 21 13 Property Crimes Burglary Larceny Vehicle Thefts 94 71 44 43 53 56 77 58 69 86 Arson 20 15 20 10 8 5 5 5 10 6.

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Clallam County Vital Records

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