Background checks on hospital patients

Beyond the basic need to verify the identity and qualifications of a nurse, doctor, or hospital staff member, many state and federal laws exist outlining regulations for licensing and staffing in healthcare facilities.

Federal Background Screening Laws for Healthcare Workers

Failure to perform a thorough background investigation prior to hiring can cause legal difficulties for your facility down the line if an employee goes rogue. Here are three key reasons background checks should be conducted by all hospitals for all hires, both pre- and post-employment.

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In the medical field, protection of information is treated with nearly as much care as patients themselves. Medical practice background checks are a key part of this process. HIPAA regulations are no joke; your hospital could face severe consequences and employees could lose their licenses if information is not protected properly.

Do Hospitals Hire Before They Do a Background Check?

Hospitals are the go-to place to resolve tricky or life-threatening illnesses and injuries for a reason—they are home to the best-of-the-best when it comes to technology, equipment, and medication. You are entrusting your employees with access to all of this expensive and sensitive equipment.

3 Reasons Hospitals Need to Conduct Background Checks

Theft or misuse could not only be costly, it could be dangerous to the lives of patients currently in the hospital. If your hospital outsources coding, billing, or other administrative work, or uses a staffing agency to fill certain roles, be sure that the other companies involved are conducting background investigations on par with those you use.

This is the only way to ensure all individuals working for your facility in any capacity are trustworthy, reliable, and qualified.

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For additional information about background investigations, contact Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group today! Too much is at risk to ignore the liabilities of oversight.

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How does your healthcare organization remain compliant and ensure your employees are in good standing? Contact us today to learn how PreCheck can help you implement a comprehensive background screening program tailored for healthcare. View the discussion thread.

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Comprehensive Background Checks for Licensed/Registered Child Care Individuals

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