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Masking your IP address will give you more anonymity while browsing and will protect you from being tracked by advertisers online. Moreover, by changing your location, you are able to access content from different regions as some websites only allow IP addresses from specific regions to view their content.

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Some schools, universities and companies will not allow you to access social media from their network; by hiding or changing your IP addresses, you can overcome firewalls. Firewalls are network systems that restrict unauthorized access on private networks to and from selected websites, such as Facebook.

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Another way to hide or change your IP address is to simply turn off your router for a couple of hours or contact your Internet service provider. This will not mask your location but you may simply be assigned a new address in the same country. Using a VPN service is one of the fastest ways to hide your IP address and change your virtual location. Toggle navigation.

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All Rights Reserved. All incoming and outgoing traffic such as email, texts, web searches, and so on uses that externally facing public IP address. The internal IP address of a device on your network is a unique number in a series that is assigned by the Network Box when that device connects to your Google Fiber home network.

The Network Box assigns IP addresses in numerical order for example, So the IP address of a particular device is not necessarily the same every time it connects. Generally, you do not need to know the IP address of a device.

However, you can determine the IP address of any device on your network or your public IP address, if you care to do so. Select Network at the top-left corner. Your Google Fiber devices appear on the navigation pane on the left, and the configuration options appear on the right.