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Listen as she roars back. A love of much, which overflowed with the intoxicating touch of her finger — on yours — intertwined in emotional investment. Harsh, and never perfect, love will flourish as the times will move forward. For the rest of my life, I just hope to make people feel less alone and more understood…cohesive art motivated from a real place that helps ease people into understanding that vulnerability and strength can only exist in tandem. The world is what it is.

And you are who you are. Or rather, sets us all within cliques for domination or subjugation. Inspiration is divine, not until you deem it so. You must burn that fire, to get the furnace for your real self to ignite, with ever potency and grit. In Beck Pete, the best in traditions for strength and focus, comes through in tinged edges. John Mayer, Eric Clapton, B. King and James Taylor comes to mind when Saul Taylor sings.

I had just turned 28 and was reflecting on how I got to where I was, and what I wanted to create for myself. So many regrets.

We must move forward, moving the pieces around for the new experiences to come. Saul is a beautiful songwriter, with stories to tell. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it. And it fit her like a glove. Trying to live within a package of lust, and love, a balance is struck with imperfection and grief. But at the same time, never succumbing to that permanence of that exact fact. Look for more from Isabel. Creativity is sometimes cleverness hidden behind pastel and joyful emotions. Shining with her vocal heft and seriousness, the peaks and valleys of the song discovers in fabulousness, as Sulene drives on — always giving us hope and exuberance for life.

The vibe is real. The city was prepared to embrace a Housing First strategy to address its high rate of chronic homelessness, but this was a years-long solution and, prompted by a lawsuit and the deadline to break ground on a new trail, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of grant funding on the line, it became clear in that the PalCo Marsh encampment had to move. But how to achieve that task, and where, exactly, the estimated people — some of whom had been there for decades — would go, would take more than a year to decide.

It was a year marked by bureaucratic indecisiveness and bickering between city employees about who was meant to shoulder the monumental task.

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The problem was complicated because, at the end of the day, it was about people, and people are complicated. Miles Slattery, the city's Parks and Recreation director, knew this. His staff was tasked with cleaning and maintaining the city's greenbelts, and the presence of illegal camps made it increasingly difficult. One man waved a gun at him and said, "get off my land.

Interpretive signs were vandalized. In emails obtained by the Journal through a public records act request, Slattery would refer to a sense of entitlement among some people in the marsh and express frustration that city land was being treated like private property, and being trashed. But Slattery also knew the population wasn't a monolith. He gave a girl who said she'd been raped a ride out of the marsh.

He offered jobs to people who wanted to work, eventually starting a job training program for parolees. He launched a program to offer homeless children free access to recreational programs. His job, and his department, grew and developed around the extraordinary task facing the city. But it couldn't do everything. It couldn't, for example, help someone like Kathleen Hytholt, a middle-aged woman who in February of was asked to leave a piece of public property near the Humboldt County Office of Education. What city resources were available for someone like Hytholt, who could barely walk and lived surrounded by a mix of trash and treasured possessions?

As officers talked to her and a Sheriff's Work Alternative Program crew stood by to eradicate her camp, Hytholt cried. She had no car, no income, no one to take her in. To help solve a problem like Hytholt, you'd have to solve the underlying issues causing her homelessness, and that was beyond the calling of city employees. Slattery said he was consistent: It was his team's job to maintain city property, the job of the police department was to enforce the municipal code forbidding camping.

Like Slattery, Andrew Mills, who became the city's chief of police in , also found his department's role tested and changed under the weight of the task. Along with citing people for camping illegally, breaking up fights or responding to shoplifting reports at the Bayshore Mall, officers also served as pinch-hitter social workers to the mentally ill and chronically indigent. Mixed in and overlapping with this population are seasonal workers in the marijuana industry, or "trimmigrants," addicts and people Mills simply refers to as "predatory. On a daily basis, EPD officers contacted people like Lloyd Parker, a professional carpenter who became homeless in when his wife died, and who testified that the marsh "felt like home to him.

As part of the city's settlement, he was offered housing but was listed as homeless two months later when arrested for allegedly burglarizing the Humboldt Waste Management Authority.

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Her MIST worker stuck with her when she bounced out of the Multiple Assistance Center, helped her get identification and enrolled in general relief. Six months after the SWAP visit, she would have a room in a house and visit the marsh to see her friends with manicured nails and a spotless leather jacket. Something apparently worked for Parker and for Hytholt, but was it the same solution that would work for the several hundred other people living behind the mall — the schizophrenic and addicted, the down-on-their-luck and the predatory, the families and the semi-employed, or the dozens of people EPD said were part of a "hardened criminal element?

In the fall of , the city was coming under increased pressure to answer that question. A flurry of emails directed at the city council around that time included rumors of drug use, garbage dumping, human waste, fires and other legal, environmental and humanitarian issues. But alongside the complicated logistics of what it would take to remove the encampment were budgetary concerns and the question of who should shoulder the burden.

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The onus was on Parks and Recreation to maintain the land and on EPD to patrol it, but neither had the time nor the resources to handle the full scope of those tasks, much less to address the root causes of homelessness in Eureka. In January of , an anonymous county employee threatened to contact the Environmental Protection Agency if an encampment at the foot of Del Norte Street, and its accompanying footprint of human waste, wasn't addressed.

On the night of Feb. By March of , the tension between the two departments was beginning to spill into everyday interactions. An email from Mills to Slattery offering to buy a beer for whoever in the facilities department could fix EPD's heating system was met with a snippy reply. Mills responded with a crack about the fire department's plush budget.

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Just a few months earlier, Eureka voters had passed a tax extension to help protect public safety spending. In an op-ed to the Times-Standard , Slattery didn't come across as entirely sympathetic, saying non-public safety departments had been tightening their belts for years and had "bled and bled and bled. The budget woes coincided with increased pressure from outside sources. The settlement drew the attention of the city's insurance carrier, which threatened to pull the city's coverage if the "dangerous nuisance" of the kilns wasn't removed and the area cleared out.

On April 15, EPD launched the first phase of a four-part plan, descending on the marsh with 50 officers from seven agencies, contacting 93 people, arresting 27 and confiscating drug paraphernalia, methamphetamines and weapons. The raid, titled "Operation Clean Sweep," was an effort to remove the "criminal predators [that] have sheltered themselves among the more traditional homeless populations along the bay," the city explained in a press release. Subsequent stages of the four-part plan would involve connecting those remaining in the marsh with services, moving people into temporary camps while the marsh was cleaned and using the Multiple Assistance Center as a triage facility to connect people with housing.

The idea of city-endorsed temporary camps was met with mixed reactions. But emails from Eureka residents to city department heads had a common theme: Not near my house, not near my business. Potential sites at this point included the Balloon Track property and another near the Samoa Bridge. The idea of a sanctioned camp on city property, with a nonprofit or city employees running it, had been discussed for years but never gained traction.

But for Mills, who was faced with the legal and logistical headache of trying to arrest away the problem, the choice was clear. Public concern on all sides of the issue began to escalate. In June, a loosely-organized advocacy group, Friends of the Marsh, began serving food and helping people in the marsh collect their garbage for disposal by the city. The Unitarian Universalist Church tried to coordinate with the city to provide tarps and tents.

A photo of a large pile of trash, rimmed by carts, quickly went viral on social media as an example of the environmental devastation caused by the marsh encampments. In a phone call, Slattery confirmed to the Journal that the pile was a combination of consolidated trash from the camps and household trash dumped by people who had breached the fence at the far end of the parking lot. By the end of June, some 10 weeks after it had been announced, Mills' four-phase plan was dead in the water. Sparks said the temporary camps had been greatly "deprioritized" and effectively removed from the plan.

Meanwhile, Slattery had his own strategy and notified department heads in a June 11 email that, due to an official EPA complaint about environmental damage, EPD and Parks and Recreation would collaborate to clean a different section of the area every Thursday. Your legacy will live on, Maurice. You have blessed us all. Brother Maurice White rest in peace. Thank you so much for the passion,inspiration and love you shared with the world thru your music. I have never meet you, but I love you like a brother. As we know, our time on this plane is limited.

Sooner or later we all have to leave for a better place. I am still saddened by the news. I grew up listening to his music and message. P brother, RIP. Thank you Maurice for all the great music that you and the rest of Earth Wind and Fire have made. Your music has so many great memories in our house.

My son who is 3 years old is obsessed with Earth Wind and Fire. We are so hoping to take him to an Earth Wind and Fire concert whenever they make it back here to TX, but I know it will not be the same without you. Thanks you all, my son loves to sing and is being exposed to all types of music that he loves. May you rest in peace, and make sure to keep the good lord dancing with your great vocals.

He has arrived on the celestial shores and receiving his place in paradise. I was and always will be a fan of Earth Wind and Fire, elements.

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Keep your head to the sky, Devotion, September, Serpentine Fire and all of your music will forever be with me. Rest in peace my beloved brother. Carl A. I never felt so alive than when listening to EWF. They were the soundtrack for the world. And Maurice was the guiding light. His body may be gone, but his voice will be eternal.

I would build you up, never let you down. In 42 years of listening to the words of Maurice White, he lived up to the billing; he never let me down and in the process saved my heart and my mind more often than I can possibly count. As the years went on there was always at least one, if not more songs per album that reinforced that message. And I came to realize all he was really doing was telling me everything my parents already had, but he made it cool and relevant!!

And that voice—so rich, so powerful, and so one of a kind.

It always went right through and around me. Such a bright light that touched millions of hearts with light, positive energy, and love. Love all the instrumentals, know all the words to all the songs and keep many of them in my heart, even bought my own kalimba. I raised my daughter on EWF. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maurice White and EWF somehow knew how my little heart envisioned love of life, people, God, and the earth. How could Maurice just know how to perfectly usher you into sheer happiness the way he and EWF did? I was exposed to the most beautiful black music era ever and I chose EWF as my favorite group when I was 10 years old, because they touched my heart and made me happy.

I would look at their album covers and feel joy because the exuded joy. I will never forget I was about 11 years old and my Mom told me one Saturday late afternoon to shower and get dressed she had a surprise for me. So me my Mom and a few of her friends all packed into the car and I was blindfolded for the ride. The concert was unforgettable joy, fun, and happiness. Those voices, those horns, those lyrics will fovevrer be love for me.

Rest in peace. I love you Maurice. Thank you for accepting, guiding, and partnering with PB. Bless You Always and Forever. He had one of those big wicker chairs, which was my favorite to sit in when I listened to my parents records. EWF sparked my obsession with Kemetic history and the music has always uplifted me for my entire life.

I have several EWF play lists for the gym on my phone as well plus my children have all grown up with your music and now have their own favorites. You will be missed — Thank you! OK, I loved Reese since I was He was there for me when my parents were drinking and fighting, through his lovely music, and the sentiments he taught. Through my lonely twenties, he was there. Through my dysfunctional marriage, he was there.

One night, I got a phone call, and it was Reese. If only I could know that Maurice went back to his Baptist roots and found Jesus before he died. He was my dream man that I adored constantly and from afar, but in the end, I wanted his soul for Jesus, not for myself. But when he died, I was devastated. Though we never met, Maurice was the husband of my heart, and him whom my soul loveth. I suppose alot of people with disabilities like me, denied in life the things we yearn for the most, find in fantasy those things which we are denied.

But that would be a facile explanation. I love you, Maurice. Grazie maestro! E che gli angeli imparino da te come si fa musica ….